The only pic of my "cancer journey"
The only pic of my “cancer journey”

No other photos were taken while I was receiving chemo, or when my hair fell out. I’m glad I don’t have pics of that. I just passed my five year “cancerversary” in June. I had endometrial cancer, Stage 1C, Grade 3. I had eight rounds of chemo, till my toes went numb (neuropathy). My body was screaming that that was enough of the poison! Eight months later lymphedema came creeping in. I have it in my left leg. That’s enough about it. My life is different now, but that’s okay. I am alive! Thank you, God.



2 thoughts on “CANCER

  1. I don’t know what drew me to check out your page after we just spoke via Flickr……….Just passed my five year anniversary in January. Stage 1 Kidney (Rt), had a new procedure…Mass Ablation and hence no chemo….but they (Charleston Medical College) continue to watch me like a hawk, LOL.
    Funny how people are sometimes drawn together…….’nuff said.
    Best Wishes….Savannah Sam (Steve)

    1. Hi, Steve! Congrats on your five year anniversary! Yeah, my doc still wants me to get a CT scan at least once a year. Thank God you were Stage 1 and that that new procedure has worked for you! Thanks for stopping here. As you can see, it’s really hit and miss on this blog 🙂
      Continued health to you~~you’ve still got lots of places to go and photos to take !!

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