The Cement Planter Project

Our neighbor’s daughter is trying to sell his place–he died maybe five years ago–and there had been these three very old planters in the yard that I had my eye on for quite a while. I had asked her about them months ago, if she wanted to sell them. She told me if she got rid of them, that I could have them. How cool! I really like the idea that something that was in my neighbor’s yard a few houses down isn’t very far from its original home, and is being appreciated and renewed. They were in need of repair. The story is that the stand part of the planter used to be pillars on an old bridge. I wish I had known the exact story, to keep that knowledge with these planters, but I never heard the story from Bud when he was alive. I know that in 1963 the construction of I-75 came through the City of Hazel Park, and actually divided the town in half. Maybe the pillars came from a bridge that was going to be demolished. Anyway, my husband has them together now but they need a little more fixing. I want some kind of paint on them but I’m not sure on the color yet. And it might not be paint at all but some kind of sealer. There are three of them. When the third one is finished, it is going to another neighbor two doors down from us. I think Bud would have liked that!  Here’s some before and after photos:

Lots of peices
Lots of pieces
Making progress!
Making progress!
Getting glued together.
Getting glued together.
Pretty much finished. An Autumn look.
Pretty much finished. Planted for fall.

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