Thinking About The Summer’s End


Now that summer’s winding down, the cardinal vine decides to bloom! To be fair, I did start the seeds late. They do look nice next to the morning glories.

Speaking of summer winding down, I was enjoying being in the garden this morning and thinking about the change in seasons. I guess I do mostly love our Michigan weather. But if I could skip the harsh, bitter cold, no sunshine days, and the long, seems like forever, wait for spring, I would opt to skip it. For a while there we were cheating a little and jumping down to Georgia or Florida in March and April for a jump start on spring, sometimes (most times) coming back to still nasty, cold weather. But it was definitely worth the trip to be coastal for a week. I came back with visions of what I would do in the garden, how I would enjoy our outside spaces. Three springs ago we made a “Savannah Room,” inspired by all the beauty of Savannah, the courtyards, the lush green foliage, the fountains.


Daddy Long Legs!


Under the Wisteria


More flowers. These are the Flying Saucer Morning Glories.



Another shot of the Colocasia


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